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Seriously WTF has he been doing the last few years? And skin head does not suit him by the way, he needs to grow his hair back I don't think any of them are the "Da bomb".

Iwas watching a new movie of his last night and he looks like a fat old man with bad teeth and his skin is aging.

Speaking further, he explained why he is yet to settle down with the right woman.

I think Nonso Diobi is the only handsome man in Nollywood BY 5 BILLION MILES.

His name is Ani Obinna,he decided to make his picture public because people always call him Nonso Diobi,below is the mail he sent us: I just discoverid that people look at me somehow when I walk on the street, I didn't know what the matter was until some close friends begin to tell me that I look like one Actor.

because am not really a movie freak, i didn't know who they were talking about.

If u r on Instagram unknowingly,ur username must nt start with "pweedy""pweety" or "pretty" bcos only ugly girls use dat.

My favorite soup is Ofe nsala or egusi soup,u must no how to prepare dat before we meet cos if u waiting for me to teach u na lie o cos i dnt no how to cook anything kuld soup...