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None of these three general approaches are in keeping with Judaism. God" approach is an anathema to Judaism because of the whiff of dualism inherent in it. He acts in many different ways, but there are no "two" armies in the full sense of the word.What is the Torah perspective regarding witchcraft? Judaism does speak of the "Satan/devil," but it sees Satan as an agent of God, testing the sincerity of man's deeds, the strength of his convictions, and the stamina of his moral fiber.The Torah takes a very negative attitude towards witchcraft in its various formats, such as: "A sorcerer shall not be allowed to live." (Exodus ) "For you are coming into a land that God is granting to you; do not learn the ways of the abominations of the native people. a sorcerer, soothsayer or engager of witchcraft ... For it is an abomination before God, and it is on account of these abominations that God is giving you their land." (Deut. Although this so-called devil seems to entice man to do wrong, he is not inherently an evil being.Rather, he is conducting a "sting" operation; overtly enticing to bad, but in reality working for God.They sense the world has a spiritual dimension to it, and that there are all sorts of forces and mysteries that reason can't comprehend.Theirs is a world of tea-leaf readings, tarot cards, crystal balls and psychic predictions.The captain of the bad team is the devil, assisted by demons, evil spirits and politicians.Their world is particularly threatened by the likes of Harry Potter books, due to a large degree to the severity with which witchcraft is dealt with in the Bible.

Are we to make use of this world in the way which we are bidden to make use of the physical world?A test reveals the inner worthiness of a person's deeds, demonstrating what they are really made of.So, if magic and occult do exist, why are they so evil?It has the ability to change and bend the rules of nature, through miracles, magic, etc.But this quasi-spiritual world, although it is more elevated than nature per se, is still not the Divine.