Msiexec not updating registry on winxp

Result: Service Desk Call As you can see, sending this to an enterprise-wide distribution is not an option. Remove all older versions of Java (at least 1.7 versions).

This would generate enormous amounts of Service Desk calls and very unhappy users. I thought Adobe Flash was bad but now Oracle has topped the list. My testing with 1.6.x version has been a little strange but I realize application requirement may prevent this from happening.

BTW: I have applied this interim patch on my PC today and changed the system date to August 10 (which is beyond the expiration date for the official public JRE 1.7.0_21).

Java has yet again changed the game and made the expiration date unavoidable. Unfortunately, you need a login on My Oracle Support (MSO).

There’s a lot of good info for temporary workarounds in the comments. As I don’t have a login I cannot provide you a deep link to this particular patch.

we are leaving this security level HIGH) – Wait for any pop-up about an out of date version?

– Open up REGEDIT – Browse to HKCU\Software\App Data Low\Software\Java Soft\Deployment Properties – You should see “deployment.expiration.check.enabled” REG_SZ false – Retest by re-loading the website – Retest by closing / reopening browser and hitting again – Log off and on as a new user, repeat test to make sure the HKCU is being populated under the new user.