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The setting is the Elite Way School, a private boarding school that is witness to the youthful delinquencies of Marizza, Mia, Pablo and Manuel.The four share a passion for music, and in spite their initial differences, they decided to form the band called “Erreway.”And would you believe it, there is actually a band called Erreway whose members are the very same actors and actresses in the telenovela.Oh, you’re just head-over-heels in love with Spanish, aren’t you?Hearing the lyrics of a Spanish song sends chills up your spine.And you’ve only got a hundred Spanish verbs to show for it.But you’re wondering, , for the uninitiated, are Spanish soap operas – only much shorter, and with lots more facial hair.Even just walking past those Spanish brands at the supermarket gives you the tingles.

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Demetrio, returning from a stint in Europe, comes home to his family’s tequila plantation in Mexico where he discovers that his brother, Ricardo, has committed suicide.

Time has passed and you’re now deep into your learning.

You’ve listened to the audiobooks, surfed the You Tube channels and interacted with native speakers at every possible opportunity.

Through a series of incidents, Demetrio is led to believe that it’s Veronica that he’s been looking for. You’ll be left screaming Spanish words and phrases towards your computer monitor.

He then puts into motion plans for making her life extra-miserable, avenging his brother’s death. (And that’s how you’ll learn Spanish along the way.) is a story of forbidden love. )It stars Claudia Ramirez as Yulissa Torres-Quintero—a beautiful and innocent young lady forced to marry a rich landowner because of her family’s debts.