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EU citizens can also request a permanent residence certificate after five years.More information is provided in our guide to Portuguese immigration policy for EU citizens.Portuguese visa requirements depend on the purpose of your visit and how long you intend to stay.If your nationality requires an entry visa or long-term residence permit for Portugal, you will need to apply for the relevant Portuguese visa applicable to your situation, explained below.Before coming to Portugal, you need to find out which Portuguese visa or residence permit you require to legally enter and stay in the country.

The Schengen short-stay visa allows you to stay in Portugal, or any where in the Schengen area, for a total of 90 days out of an 180-day period.

Portugal is also part of the Schengen Area which is made up of 26 European countries that have removed border controls between them.

Citizens of Schengen countries can travel freely between one country and another without a passport.

There are different types of Portuguese Schengen visa: The Portuguese residence visa can be obtained as a Schengen National 'Long-stay' visa (type D) granted to individuals who will be working, studying or permanently residing in a Schengen area country for a set time.

This can be issued as a multi-entry visa that allows travel to other Schengen countries, provided the holder meets certain criteria.