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In this series of stylistic hybrids, an expansive tonality is propelled with rhythmic authority.The effect is similar to that of tape manipulation, or to the challenges posed to the inner ear by Phil Niblocks shifting dissonances.This is due in part to a workmanlike, low-profile approach to recording and releasing music, despite time served in the mighty Skullflower.And then theres the music itself: unpolished, unsettling, a history of textures divorced from any linear notions of progress.Limited edition of 200 on black vinyl with hand-numbered insert." -Fabrica."Fabrica Records announces the first volume in the Same Animal, Different Cages series by American composer and improviser David First. Weve spared no expense in the creation of this remarkable audio artifact, with both the front and back of the jacket sporting full sized four color hard plastic laminated panels and with eye-popping artwork laser etched into the center of the 180 gram vinyls in place of labels." - FDAFITS.

Rather than providing an escape, these hymns wake one out of that paralyzing feeling of despair, delivering renewed focus and the capability to fight on." - Fabrica.

"On this second installment in the Same Animal, Different Cages series of tonal investigations, David First dons his no-madder-than-you scientists lab coat and proceeds to fire up and overheat his newest subject, a Korg MS-20.

The resulting six tracks are characterized by rapid-fire analog oscillations, relentlessly and exuberantly pitched up and down to suit their performers curiosity.

“The 7" comes in a hand-numbered edition of 100 copies on transparent vinyl with letter-pressed covers.

There are four different variants of the album cover using a different photograph.