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Aired 7-8p ET • Killer Hurricane Directly Aiming At Miami In New Forecast; Florida Bracing For Direct Hit From Hurricane The Size Of Texas; National Weather Service: "Immense Human Suffering" Possible; Mandatory Evacuation, Warnings Of "Life-Threatening' Conditions. Braces for Hurricane Irma; Parts of Florida to Evacuate As Hurricane Intensifies To CAT 5; Trump Doubles Down, Says He Has "Great Heart" For Dreamers; Protests Growing After Trump Ends "Dreamers" Program. H.: All Options On The Table After North Korea Says It Tested Its Most Powerful Nuke Yet; Haley: North Korea Leader "Begging For War"; Trump Not Ruling Out Retaliatory Attack On North Korea; Trump Publicly Criticizes Key Ally Amid N.Aired 7-8p ET • Monster Hurricane Kills 3, Now Aiming For Florida; More States Declare Emergencies: Hurricane Irma Packing 185 MPH Winds Longer Than Any Atlantic Storm In History; GOP Leaders "Blindsided" By Trump's Deal with Dems; Mandatory Evacs Just Announced for Parts of Miami-Dade County; Facebook Sold Ads to Russia-linked Accounts During Election; Interview with Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. Korea Threats; CNN: Trump Expected To "Dreamer" Program With Delay.S.; Houston Now Soaking In A Chemical Stew Filled With E.Coli; NYT: Mueller Has Draft of Letter Trump Wrote Explaining Comey Firing; Source: Longtime Trump Aide Leaving White House, Frustrated with Kelly's System.Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Admin Official: Puerto Rico Response A "Good News Story"; Pentagon Taps General To Lead Puerto Rico Response; Defense Dept.: 160 Million Meals Will Be Needed For Puerto Rico; FEMA: Nearly 1 Million Meals Distributed So Far In Puerto Rico; Half Of Puerto Rico Without Water, 97 Percent Without Electricity; Famous Chef Lends A Hand In Puerto Rico.Aired 7-8p ET • CNN Exclusive: IRS Shares Info With Special Counsel In Russia Probe; New Details About Russian-Linked Facebook Ads; Trump Blames Slow Disaster Response On Puerto Rico Being "In The Middle Of The Ocean"; White House Scrambles To Show Trump Is Concerned About Puerto Rico. Officials Kim Jong-un Preparing Next Missile Test; Trump Calls Kim A "Madman" After Kim Calls Him "Deranged"; New GOP Health Care Bill One Vote Away From Falling; Pence: A Vote Against GOP Bill Is A Vote To Save Obama Care; Twitter To Meet With Senate Intel Committee On Russia Probe.

" As Levee Breaches; Officials Brace For More Devastation; Six Members of One Family Swept Away In Flood; Man Opens Up After Losing 6 Family Members In Flood.

Aired 7-8p ET • Death Toll Rises to 8 At Florida Nursing Home; Couple Watched Belongings Wash Away During Irma; Crews Going Door-To-Door Amid Destruction In Hard Hit Florida Keys; Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Agree: Blame Comey • FEMA: 90% of Florida Keys Homes Destroyed or Damaged; Death Toll Rises In Florida; Millions Without Power; Florida Resident Returns To House "Buried Like A Jungle"; North Korea "Condemns in the Strongest Terms" New Sanctions.

Aired 7-8p ET • Tallahassee Issue Storm Surge Warning; 6.5 Million Without Power in FLA, Could Be Out For Weeks; Irma Leaves Path Of Destruction Through Marco Island; Record Storm Surge Flooding Jacksonville, Florida; Hurricane Irma Tears Roads, Homes Apart Across Florida; 10,000 May Need To Be Evacuated From Florida Keys; Desperate Search For Missing Family Members In Florida Keys; Americans Trapped On Caribbean Island As Food, Water Run Low • New Forecast: Hurricane Irma To Slam Florida As A Category 5; Window To Evacuate Is Closing As "Catastrophic" Storm Nears; Officials: Don't Call 911 During Storm, Can't Rescue You.

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Backs Roy Moore: Vote For Accused Molester Over "Bad" Democratic Candidate; Roy Moore Campaign: "We Don't Believe These Women"; Roy Moore In His Own Words Suggests Future Wife Kayla First Caught His Eye When She Was A Teen; CBS: 3 New Accusers Allege Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose. Franken; Alabama GOP Governor: "No Reason To Disbelieve" Moore Accusers, Still Voting For Moore; Roy Moore Accuser Speaks Out, Says He Groped Her; Kushner Testified He didn't Recall Any Campaign Wiki Leaks Contact; Mueller's Team To Meet with Hope Hicks Amid Russia Probe. H.'s Go-To Answer About Roy Moore: The People Will Decide; Trump Punts On Roy Moore Questions; Fox Poll: GOP Candidate Roy Moore Trailing Dem By Eight Points; Sen.

Franken Calls For Ethics Investigation Into His Actions, Apologizes For Groping Woman In 2006. Exchanged Messages With Wiki Leaks During The Campaign; Calls For Trump Jr.