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He appears in "Unusual Suspects," the third episode of the fifth season of The X-Files—the episode is set in 1989, when Munch was still at Baltimore Police Department.

Though his age is never directly stated on Homicide, a few clues are presented pointing to it.

He is temporarily promoted to commanding officer of the Special Victims' Unit following Cragen's temporary reassignment but is depicted as happily relinquishing control back to Donald Cragen, commenting upon Cragen's return, "This job sucks." He has, however, kept his rank, as he is still referred to as Sergeant in later episodes.

Munch can be seen at Kavanaugh's Bar arguing with the bartender over his tab by referencing his experience running a bar (he opened The Waterfront Bar in Homicide).

In the season 15 episode, "Internal Affairs," SVU Captain Donald Cragen informs Detective Olivia Benson that Munch has submitted his retirement papers, stating that a recent case (portrayed in the episode "American Tragedy") had hit him hard.

That was the last thing he ever said to his father before his father committed suicide; for years afterward, he believes that his father's death was his fault.

In the ninth season premiere, Munch is promoted to the rank of Sergeant and occasionally takes on supervisory functions within the department.

In season 14, Munch is temporarily reassigned to the Cold Case Unit, after solving a decade-old child abduction case in the episode "Manhattan Vigil." He returns to the squad in "Secrets Exhumed," in which he brings back a 1980s rape-homicide cold case for the squad to investigate.

SVU and Homicide have Munch growing up in different places.

He is a native of Maryland on Homicide and attended high school in Pikesville, which has a large Jewish community. Mc Henry as a kid, which would likely only happen were he to live in the area. He and his brother were physically abused by their father, who had bipolar disorder.